Friday, March 18, 2011

Closing Death by Lettuce

I am sure by now this is not a big surprise, as I haven't written any new entries in months. This is actually a good thing, means I have other things going on in my life besides cancer... which is awesome.

I have had a lot of e-mails lately from people wanting to post articles and things on my blog, I apologize for lack of responses... I have literally been crazy busy.


Because I'm moving to Ukraine on Tuesday.

No seriously... moving... to.... Ukraine.

After months of jumping through hoops and pulling strings, I am finally joining the Peace Corps. The only appropriate word for how I feel is stoked.

That being said, I will be blogging again! Not so much about cancer, but about life and things in the Peace Corps, helping people, etc.

I've actually set up a whole website, mainly dedicated to photography. Eventually I will have it set up so people can buy my pictures and things. It isn't live yet, but should be by Monday.

It is

I will make that a link once it is live.

Thank you all for reading my blog; I can only hope its helped others as much as it has helped me.



Charissa, BRICKS for Young Adults said...

wow! congrats. that is super exciting news. best of luck to you!!!

David Haas said...

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