Sunday, November 9, 2008

Some explanation

So, imagine my surprise when my little blog I created, pretty much just to vent suddenly has over 100 hits and people that keep coming back. I've even gotten a few messages from some of you out there, and it occurred to me that if I actually have readers, maybe I should write a little bit more, and a little more coherently, than in just those moments where I need to vent. To all of you out there who have shown your support or sent me messages, thanks!

One question that has been asked on me is what on earth I meant by the title, "Death by Lettuce." I figured this would actually make an amusing post.

I'm going to take you back now to April/May 2001. I know it was about this time b/c I graduated from college on May 1, and I wasn't allowed to eat anything. I was on the low iodine diet for the first time. I was meticulous in my desire to stick to the rules. No one was more careful, and I even took it to extremes. Basically, I just ate fruit and veggies, as I wasn't willing to risk anything else. I wanted my body to suck up every single last little drop of the I-131 so it would kill any and all remaining cancer.

Now towards the end of all this, you aren't really a particularly pleasant person. At least I wasn't. I was miserable. I was hungry. I was still gaining weight. I was an emotional wreck... graduated college, but couldn't eat my cake, and had to pack and move. So one day, my friends took me to a little Italian restaurant. I wonder how many of you out there get this... your friends and family are all trying to be supportive and things... but keep taking you out to eat... as if you can eat anything. In my bitterness, I bite my tongue and go along. And I sit with my ceasar salad... no cheese no dressing... basically a pile of green leaves. But you tough it out... you consider stealing a crouton or a piece of bread. Then you go home.... still hungry, still tires... and for me, to a room that was no longer really my own, as all i had left was a seat cushion, from what i can't even remember, and my bed, and my computer on the ground.

A basic rule of thumb for me is that I can't actually eat raw spinach. I try... I love cooked spinach... especially on a pizza. But, I've tried raw spinach a few times, and it basically makes me sick as a dog. So, basically, my lovely plate of greens, was a plate of spinach. And i spent the night curled up on my seat cushion typing sideways to anyone i could find online... my stomach killing me. And me not really sure if there was anything actually in there that i could get rid of. And so then, I thought... I'm dying... the stupid greenery is killing me... I'm going to die due to spinach... essentially lettuce. Lettuce poisoning. Death by Lettuce... and wallah... there was a title for something.