Sunday, October 4, 2009

How far should we be monitored? #3: Memory

Brain Fog; it's not just a chemo problem.

So many of us out there since losing our thyroids also feel like we're losing our minds. It's awkward to talk about. Who wants to admit that their brain just is not as sharp as it was? I sure don't. But when does it become a real problem? Do we want, or need to know if we have in fact lost a piece of our mind? Or is it really better to just stay in the dark?

So this is my crazy idea. What if before taking out the thyroid, we do memory tests? And then do them once a year or so.

Then, if there is a change, maybe the doctor could recommend vitamins, or brain teasers, or something. Right? Surely it must be better to know everything isn't just in your head?

I'm waving on this one. I hated the feeling of being slower. Actually, losing mental capacity is one of my top fears in life. Especially knowingly losing it. Knowing that I knew or understood something before, but not now. Recognizing that it seems like its more than just getting older. But I'm conflicted on if I wanted the cold hard truth on the matter. Unless I knew something could be done.

Another reason to pay attention to memory is because of how thyroid issues are tied to dementia. I would think that at some point thyroid patients would want to start doing regular checks for that.

I'm going to be vain for a moment, and say that I do in fact have a pretty good brain, all things considered. I feel like it was better. And well, that just sucks, no eloquent way to put it. From an emotional standpoint, I think it would have been better to know beforehand to expect the brain fog. I feel like it would have done me personally, on an emotional level, a lot of good to know, to have a reason, to not just feel like I had made a horrible mistake going to law school. Even my first year, if I had known, I probably could have asked for extended test times and things, when the brain fog was the worse.

And now I'm babbling here. What to you all think?

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Anonymous said...

Wow!I am just now returning back to work full time after having 2 surgeries to complete my thyroidectomy. The last one was in July and radiation was in August.
I thought I was losing my mind until I read this post.
I often feel "mentally sluggish" and have taken to using the excuse...Oh it's too early in the day to use math or to read something detailed.
I also get light headed and blurry eyed on occassion.
I am too young to feel this old!
Thanks for your post!
It helped me realize it wasn't me going crazy!