Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Robin v. The Insurance Company

So, you know, I've finally found an insurance company that isn't going to burn me at the stake for being a cancer patient.

They won't let me pay them.

Mom helps me out w/ these types of things. You know... b/c I'm a poor unemployed bum. Seeing as she has sort of a vested interest in keeping me alive and healthy, she pays my medical stuff (bills, insurance, etc.).

So she sets up a direct withdraw thing with the insurance company, then send a letter, say its all set... money never leaves the account. So she calls, and they say that the account number is wrong. Odd b/c we sent them a check. So she pays via check over the phone. More letters come saying no good. Bank says no claims have been made. So I call, again they tell me they have the wrong account number, they need to send a few e-mails to get it fixed, and call me in 48 hours. A week and half later, no phone calls, no money out of the bank. I had gone out of town during that time, mom just told me today that they never called. So I call again. They have all these notes written, but still no one bothered to tell me anything, and they only said what I already know, which is that they had the wrong account number written. So again, I have authorized paying another check, for 3 months worth of insurance. And now I wait, b/c god forbid they have a system where they can just process payments immediately.

So in dealing with this I made the mistake of doing some math.

Premiums are like $500+, deductable $3,000

Basically I'm paying about $10,000 a year... so if i don't get really awesome health coverage from my job, I'm going to need to be paid enough to put in an extra 10 grand a year.

Health insurance is remarkably like legalized gambling.

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Charlcie Steuble said...

Ah, health insurance companies. Can't live with them or without them! I have told friends and family that it could be a full-time job for someone to manage the insurance companies and doctors' office bills from cancer treatment. Ugh.