Monday, October 19, 2009

And then to New York...

So, I'm going to New York on Wednesday. I haven't been in ages and ages, and it seems the person I was hoping to meet up there won't be going anymore... so I'm going on my own. I'm going to be staying with my step-dad's family... which is a little odd, as I've never known them outside the presence of my parents... which is actually pretty true for most of my family.

I'm going for the International Law Weekend. A little odd to do now that I'm still not licensed, but a good step in networking, and being a shiny happy person again.

So, I'm there from Wed. morning -Sunday evening, and wondering what on earth I should do when I'm not listening to lectures. I realize this is a silly questions... but really... its new york, I haven't been in years, I have limited time, and I'll be running around by myself... oh, and its my first time there when i'm over 21... I'll be spending all day tomorrow trying to put together an idea of what to do.

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