Saturday, May 16, 2009

Turning Zombie

To begin, let me say I have an unhealthy obsession w/ zombies... like we all should... zombies are fun.

So they did the biopsy on my neck. 5 passes. Used a topical anesthetic... which did absolutely nothing. The doc also used a laptop for the ultrasound that was playing the lord of the rings soundtrack. Had me watching the screen the whole time too... If you are a doctor, always ask to see if your patient is cool with watching you jab a needle into their neck... The answer isn't always yes. Anywho, he was disturbed by how calm i was the whole time. I kept thinking about how big of a bruise I was going to have to be sporting at graduation. (bruise wasn't too bad, hair covered it... but the muscle was so sore i couldn't turn my neck).

So he looked at the slides , and to my relief... no cancer. (though he is sending the slides in to see if anything grows). He said it really looked weird, like I had necromancing tissue. Thats right, necromancing tissue... I am a necromancer. A zombie. A part of the living dead. (necromancing tissue = dead tissue... hence zombie).

On a venting note, i didn't tell my parents what happened this week. Why I hadn't really gotten to packing. And I got bitched at a lot for not doing it..but still held my tongue. They really only need to know if something is wrong.

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KarenLynn said...

I just had a thyroidectomy to remove my thyroid cancer and I have enjoyed reading your blog. Thanks for sharing. Congratulations on graduating I missed my graduation for my AA degree but hey I hopefully will be showing up for my Bachelors.