Saturday, May 9, 2009

How much have you wanted to make things about you?

First, let me apologize to people w/ questions, that i haven't gotten back to immediately. I just, this morning, finished my last ever law school exam. My brain is totally fried. And really, emotionally, I am completely spent.

I needed a hug tonight, but couldn't ask for it. It wasn't for being done w/ law school... though, in a lot of ways i've been in shock about that. The hug need ties back with Wednesday. I finally got to my doctor. It was just a check-up, and tune-up, before i move. But it also meant me saying... "there's something behind my ear... its pressing on a pressure point"... which in reality is driving me damn near insane... I mean, it is in between where the jaw connects just under the ear... that fucking hurts if you stick a marble sized lump there.

My doctor's reaction, after feeling my neck once, and not noticing it, was, "wow, yeah, there is a lymph node there."... Before I say anything... I want to say that I love my newest doctor. He is straight forward with me, and tells me directly what he thinks is going on. From a smart person standpoint this is awesome. From someone who just wants to be told everything is ok... I kinda want to throw large solid objects at him.

So being told that yes my cancer markers are positive, and something small but not big showed up on both the ultrasound and MRI, and that i need to wait... well the desire to throw something at him really comes through.

But then there is the new lump. And he acknowledged its presence. He expressed how he didn't think it was thyroid cancer b/c of its location. Right side, under ear. My cancer has always been on the left. No TC ever goes under the ear. I'm not sure to be happy about this, or cursing it. It could be something different... not just thyroid cancer... something new. It is in fact terrifying.

I had a nightmare the other night about getting chemo. I felt the needle in my arm near my right elbow. And i felt the pain and numbness as the chemicals seeped into my system. Imagination is a dangerous thing.

There are people out there, who may never read this, that I need to thank. Michael for listening to my crazy rants about dreams and whats happened. Heather, for always being there if I really need her. And Eric... I feel like I have to type this, b/c you might not ever know it in person. You were the first and only to know that things went bad recently. You didn't feel a need to hug me... and just told me it sucked... and that, that is what i needed. I needed tonight... out w/ people I know, but not really. It's easier to pretend everything is close to normal, and this year is really just an end to law school, and not everything else. I will probably never tell you all that happened this year, and how much being friends with you has been a way to vent, and to passive aggressively take out my feelings on the world. Thank you... you may not realize you've done anything at all, and I can't quite seem to pinpoint in words how it is you were there, but you were... thanks.

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