Friday, May 29, 2009

a few things

1. I thought about last night's rant... and I think whats bothering me the most about my mom is that she's supposed to be the person that is there being the most supportive and understanding, and she isn't, and I don't have anyone else right now, especially b/c I moved away from my support network.

2. I finally got the call about the marble sized lump in my neck. Apparently its just a normal lymph node... which is finally decreasing in size... so YAY to that.

3. I found this comic. Its awful how much I love cancer comics. Especially really offensive ones... they make non-cancer people squirm... and i just find them amusing... this one, isn't so much bad, as it is how a lot of us feel when we're waiting for surgery or whaterver...

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Hua said...

Hi Robs,

Glad to here that it was just a lymph node and not a tumor. I hope you are well.

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