Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Nothing to do with Cancer

This post has absolutely nothing to do with cancer, its a part of something else I have been working on, and I feel a need to share it everywhere!

This year I have been participating in a Street Law and Human Rights Education project. It was run as an independent study course. Basically, we go out and teach kids about their human rights. I, along with two of my classmates, was working in Braddock, with the Braddock Youth Project. You may have heard blips about Braddock recently, as the Mayor, John Fetterman, has made appearances on the Colbert Report and Fox News, and made statements in the New York Times. If you don't know anything about the town, I would say give the wiki article a read through before watching the documentary:

So, we worked with kids 14-18. And as a final project, we interviewed a few of the kids, and had them write and act out skits about things that they thought were important or relevant to their own lives. They were the writers, actors, and producers. We didn't even get to video tape. We did the editing, but that was just putting things in order; we didn't edit for content or because we didn't like an idea or thought it might be a little bit too controversial. I'm quite proud of the whole project, and hope that it gives you some insight into things. Oh and the opening scene, that's the Mayor of Braddock...

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