Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Today I did something I haven't done in about 3 years. I played golf.

Well, not so much played, as I went out to the driving range. But the point is the same. I found my clubs, threw on some khakis, a polo shirt and a hat. Laced up my shoes, and slid on my glove. Chose the absolute hottest point of the day, and hit the hell out of some balls.

So why is this such a big deal? Enough so to make it to a blog post?

I started golfing about 4 years ago; just after the first surgery. Turns out, I was sort of a natural. Even took a class w/ my mom one day... the teacher told me that if I worked at it I could probably go pro... the same was not said to my mom. It was sort of cool to have something new that I was pretty good at.

So the following summer came along. This time, I had just had the neck dissection. I'm guessing this was more towards the end of the summer. Finally got a chance to get back out on the golf course. Took a swing... and it was awful. The whole game was the most painful experience ever. For the neck dissection, they had to slice through my neck/shoulder muscle. As the doctor explained, when it healed... it sort of developed a protective reflex. So when I went to swing, my neck/shoulder of my left arm would curl up, which pulls up the driver, and causes me to miss the ball. So disheartened and embarrassed, and afraid to actually golf w/ other people, I just haven't picked up a set of clubs in 3 years.

I only live about a mile from a driving range. I had the time today, and the weather had supposedly cooled down some. So i figured... fuck it. I'm just going and hitting some balls. I've never been out on my own. It was great. My swing still needs a hole lot of work, but it was looking significantly better than it did 3 years ago. It was really great to just be out there. I think that its something I will be doing relatively often. Maybe in about a month I'll work the confidence back up to even play a round of actual golf.

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