Saturday, July 25, 2009

Going on radio silence

... or blogging silence... not for long, but probably for the next week.

I'm realizing now I should have just waited to start the bit about monitoring, but I thought I would work on it as my break from studying. That was until I realized I've been spending about twice as much time blogging, interneting in general, or hitting up hulu than I do actually doing work. I'm also turning into sort of a psychotic, caffine charged, book worm, teetering somewhere between brilliance and insanity; this doesn't make for particularly good substantive blog posts (i tried, they were deleted... ramblings about specific performance contracts and vicarious liability of an owner of land in fee-simple determinable with a springing executive interest... who robbed a bank... with an unloaded weapon... but still managed to kill the doctor who had recently committed medical malpracitce to the mother of the defense lawyer representing the land owner... is there a conflict of interest?). So, I have just been leaving my computer at home, and suddenly productivity has gone up exponentially (though there is no hope for my sanity at this point).

Unfortunately it means shuffling the blog off to one-side until I'm done with the Bar (it's next Tuesday and Wednesday).

And with that, I am goin to diverge into a cross between a I need to rant and I would like to leave you w/ some words of wisdom based off of Bar hypotheticals (oh, and i can't take credit for all of these...):

1. Don't put conditions in your will... either leave your property to someone or don't... your sick twisted greedy need to control things from the grave will only come back to bite me, your lawyer, in the ass

2. In Virginia you are able to marry your cousin... first cousin... legally

3. Check to make sure you did in fact grab YOUR coat from all coat checks, NO you can't keep it if it isn't yours

4. Control your damn Domestic Honey Bees... Keep them out of your neighbors yard... especially if he is deathly afraid of bees. I don't want to spend my life thinking about the theoretical "so is a honey bee a wild animal"

5. Don't build a day care w/ a playground next to the nuclear reactor... just don't do it

6. Electric companies, when someone tells you to turn off the power, don't leave it on to prevent people from stealing the copper wiring

7. If you get a deed to land, just record the deed. Immediately. The same day even. If you don't, I guarantee the person you bought the land from WILL sell it again, and the other person will record, and then you are shit out of luck.

8. If you contract to paint a house... JUST PAINT THE HOUSE! The WHOLE HOUSE!!!

9. Don't lend money to Ban Krupt, or Wil B. Broke... In fact, you should awlays consider someone's name before making any decisions about how you want to interact with them. Like don't make contracts with He B. Slick.

And finally a real hypothetical:

The driver of a tanker truck was transporting radioactive waste from a nuclear power plant to a permanent storage facility in a remote western region of the United States. After driving all night, the driver fell asleep at the wheel and the truck crossed over the center line, off the road, and onto a homeowner's property, coming to rest after crashing into several glass cases containing the homeowner's collection of poisonous snakes, the keeping of which was permitted by local ordinance. When the driver exited the truck, he was bitten on the leg by one of the poisonous snakes and became seriously ill. Is the homeowner liable?

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