Saturday, July 11, 2009

Fitness Log #4

If pain is weakness leaving your body, then put me in line for the worlds strongest woman.

The Stats:
Down to 208.5. Diet is... uh... still there? I've been eating what I'm supposed to... and then adding snacks lately. Something I hadn't done before, but suddenly, protein drinks aren't quite cutting it. I'm working on it. Oh, and my new trainer has changed up my diet... giving me new numbers to work with, but not a new menu. He upped everything except carbs; considering I wasn't hitting my original levels, I have no idea how I'll eat that much food healthily. Exercise wise, my cardio has been upped to 45 min 3 times per week. I'm trying to push it to an hour.

The new trainer pushes me a lot harder; I actually like it. The only big problem right now is that my right shoulder is all out of whack. So on Tuesday when we were trying to do do arms, my right arm just wasn't keeping up. This is strange b/c my left arm is usually weaker.

I don't have anything else particularly fitness related to talk about today... I'm waiting to see how much changes in the next week.


Daria said...

I like the first line ... pain is weakness leaving your body ...

robs said...

It was a quote I picked up from playing sports in high school, that I found even more appropriate w/ cancer. I meant that to be what the post was about, and completely forgot about it. I think I'll follow it up later this week.