Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Would you like to take a survey?

So I've been juggling around about 50 different ideas of things I would really like to blog about. I think its kind of a side-effect of getting picked up by Wellsphere Health Blog Network, really getting into the different resources that are available out there for cancer survivors, and pure whole hearted effort to procrastinate and avoid studying. Not to mention I'm trying to space out blog posts; maybe write them and not post, so I have things around for weeks when not much is going on (yes, I'm putting in the effort of making this at least, a weekly blog).

But today's topic trumped all the others because I'm guessing it is a little more time sensitive. It is a survey about how cancer has affected your sexual life. I'll be honest, it's awkward to take. It's about 30 minutes of personal questions rating everything from emotions and feelings, to how you consider yourself in bed. I realize that a lot of you might be totally turned off by this, which I understand. But the purpose is to see the difference between people w/ cancer and people without when it comes to sexuality.

I have my own opinions about cancer and sex, and how much "the system" and doctors address the issue. I'm going to save those for a later post, maybe after the results from this study come out.

So here is the link:
The Sexual Self of Young Adult Cancer Survivors and as Compared to their Healthy Peers

Please take the quiz, and pass it along. It is for both cancer survivors and people w/out cancer.


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