Friday, June 26, 2009

Fitness Log#2

So its been a week since the first log, so I figured its a good time to update on how things are going.

The personal part:
My weight is still about the same. But I'm toning up all around. Oddly enough, where i've noticeably dropped weight (besides the extra chin i was sporting for about 3 weeks around graduation, thank goodness that's gone), but its my back. It's a weird thing to notice; I look in the mirror, poking at all my pudgy bits, then I turn profile side, and there it is, my back, getting some definition, and sort of melting... it looks sort of unbalanced to have a nice in shape back and then flabbiess in the front. But it's progress.

My trainer quit yesterday, which sucks, as it means I'm switching trainers, and most likely plans, since everyone does things differently. Oh well, I think the guy I'm switching to is going to work me a lot harder, which, after a month, I think I'm ready for.

The more post like part:

I don't know about you all, but after doing the low iodine diet, there was no way in hell you could get me to try to manage how I ate. I had super rebound. I never wanted to weigh meat, or subsist mainly off of fruit and veggies ever again. This has been a HUGE block for me. I mean, seriously... look at the title of the blog! Dieting is associated in my mind w/ being sick, hypo-hell, and radiation.

And a normal diet, looks remarkably like the LID. I suddenly find myself back to measuring out meat (3.5 oz for lunch, and again for dinner). Weighing vegetables; but at least I can eat bread and rice and everything. And I feel like I'm always eating. Every 3-4 hours. Never be hungry. Right now I'm doing between 1200-1500 calories a day, equal protein and carbs (156g) and 28g of fat. Some days its easy. Some days I forget my protein shakes, and hit the vending machine. But overall, I'm feeling good. And, unlike LID, I'm not gaining weight despite the constant monitoring. I hated that. I hated eating 0 carbs or junk food, only to gain weight.

So yeah, that has been my preconceived hindrances to dieting. And I'm not gonna lie. There are days where this diet feels a lot like the LID. Days when you are just hungry. The difference being, cheating at this diet isn't going to screw up your scans or RAI absorption, it just weights on your conscience (I had a bag of salt and vinegar chips tonight b/c I was running late and didn't grab protein stuff... so stupid).

I do wonder what will happen when I decide I'm done. I mean, I can't eat like this forever, can I? Never eat a real dinner or pasta again? We won't even talk about how long its been since I had pizza. And frankly, when I am done, I may never eat eggs or chicken again. Totally serious. (both super high in protein, w/ little to no fat). So, then will I have weight loss diet rebound similar to LID rebound? Wow... that's actually something interesting to think about, and ask my trainer how to deal with it. I know what happens to me, now I need to figure out a way to over come that. And I'm just rambling on to myself now.

So, has the LID effected how you guys diet? What about nonthyca people out there who do other types of diets and whatnot for treatment?

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