Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Giving Young Adult Cancer the Bird

In case you haven't picked it up already, I'm not really a big fan of cancer, and don't really have any problem with being angry at it, or being disgruntled, or being a smart ass when it comes to dealing with it. Its like all the rebelling I didn't do as a teenager was really just waiting for the opportunity to rage against the cancer machine, or something like that. (Okay, if you met me, you'd probably find me to be one of the most passive and mellow people ever, unless I'm writing... I'm even really quiet and sort of shy). But all that is besides the point; i[2]y has just came out with a new a new campaign that's all about giving young adult cancer the bird.

Basically, they are selling traditional advocacy wristbands at Spencers, and on facebook they are trying to get 10,000,000 million strong to give young adult cancer the bird. They are also collecting pictures of people giving cancer the bird.

This kind of leads into a look into two seized upon methods of advocacy that are pretty popular: facebook pages and wrist bands.

Now, a lot of people are like oh whats the point. I mean, yeah the bracelets do make some money; but really whats the purpose of the group, not like they are out doing a cancer walk or anything like that, right? But it is like that. Even if people just sign up to have their name on something. Even if you don't go out and buy a bracelet. I like it b/c well... I'm angry about having cancer. I'm not a super rebel, but its kind of fun, kind of relieving to be able to just publically announce how you feel. I also think that its something that's just extreme enough in title, that people will click and read what the group is about.

70,000 15-39 year olds. 30 years w/out a change in cancer rate. Yeah, we have damn good reason to be pissed off.

So do names on a list, just general members of a group make a difference? I think it depends. It makes a difference to me when I see the group, I bet I can find 1,000,000 people who hate cancer, and it has 1,160,649 members... I mean how cool is that... And it prompts conversation and networking. Whatever the effect, I don't think its hurting things.

As for bracelets... I'll be the first to say that I think wrist bands are getting a little out of hand... but I will also say, that as someone with specific interests in certain limited causes, I love having a bracelet, and having people ask me about it, and doing a little more educating. So it's a double edged sword there. I also find that few things are more attractive than when you see a guy sporting his little yellow livestrong bracelet. I don't know. I find it hot. It makes me want to actually talk to that person.

I kind of like this. I think each week I'll try to write about some sort of cancer advocacy or awareness thing that is going on. Let me know if you have any suggestions of things going on. And pass this on!!

On a random side note, I'm doing a lot better today, was even able to actually drive. I like seeing straight and getting my brain to function.