Thursday, December 3, 2009


Today I opened gmail, and typed in "cancer" only to see a million and one different e-mails that have been piling up since August. After the bar exam, I just haven't been keeping up with very much of anything other than job searching... and attempts at dating that went down in flaming glory (something I need to get around to writing about). Part of this I've mentioned in bits and pieces over the past few months as I'm afraid I was getting too wrapped up in the cancer stuff... the other part is, well... I get yelled at if I spend too much time on the computer at home. I'm 26, and I get scolded. Something about how I should be pounding the pavement and going law firm to law firm soliciting myself. I hope there are other lawyers or law students out there reading this b/c the reaction I've gotten when I told lawyers this is something along the lines of... "hahahaha only if we can charge you for showing up on our time." And the last part of this is that I'm a little bit lazy/a gemini w/ a relatively short attention span. The mere fact that I've been fairly consistent at blogging for about a year now floors me.

But, now I'm back in the library, where I will find a million and one ways to actually avoid studying.

Today, was going over the backlog of cancer e-mails. First, I just went through and deleted all the Planet Cancer comments... I always read them, just never delete them. Then I worked my way backwards. There's a lot of up and coming health sites out there looking for bloggers, and ways to advertise. Wellsphere, Everydayhealth, Navigating Cancer, cancer physician's data base... Do I really want to participate in all of them? Do I really want to post links and publicize them to you all? Are you other health bloggers also being inundated with these e-mails?

I mean I love the ego stroke. I love people telling me that they enjoy my blog, find it inspiring, think I have a unique outlook, etc. etc. But I have no idea how much of these are just form letters w/ my name and blog pasted in. So I've been going through these sites, and everything has its own little appeal. A lot of repetition. Then it occurred to me that people searching for info on their different diseases and things all end up in different places. Some sites might appeal to some people more than others. And for me, to get the blog noticed that little bit more, and to provide a good hub for thyca information, I should just get myself out there as much as possible. How else would my blog take over the world?

One of the more interesting requests I got was for a book. They asked if I wanted to review an early edition, or to do a book giveaway on the blog. I thought that was pretty cool, but I'm not big on reading health books. I know how weird that must sound considering the original idea for this blog, and how many other blogs I read... but books are my special place. I know going to different legal conventions and things, people talk about all these books they've read on international affairs and things, and they ask me what I think, and I look at them and say something along the lines of, "the last book dealing w/ international affairs that I read for pleasure was Jingo by terry pratchett." I am working on reading "Everything Changes"... It sits next to my bed in a pile with "An ordinary Man", "Dracula", and "Pride Prejudice and Zombies"... my Pratchett book of the month tends to be in my purse. So I think it's a cool idea, and I'm totally flattered by the offer, and maybe if I didn't read at a snails pace I'd seriously consider it, but right now... book reviews just aren't my thing.

So to wrap it all up: If you have sent me an e-mail that I never responded to, I'm sorry. If you still havent' gotten a response by the time you've read this, I've managed to carelessly delete it, and you should e-mail me again. I'm in the library everyday, so I'll be back to being responsive. If you want to ask me to blog on your site or to put up a link, I'm a sucker for that kind of stuff (though I'm not just posting every link, I do try to maintain some quality control).

Here I go jumping back into the blogosphere... next up, I'll be posting my Thyoliday Blues and Truths for Dear Thyroid on Sunday 8-)

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