Wednesday, September 24, 2008

And... Relief

So its been 12 days since i got my blood taken. By yesterday i had had enough, i called. Fuming and ready to harass.... or just leave a polite message on my Doctor's voice mail. Call back left a message along these lines, "Hi, I'm a nurse that knows nothing about your case, I've looked at your file and i don't think there is any change in treatment, but I will talk to the doctor and let you know if he says something else"...


This would never have happened with my old doctor and nurse... they took care of me... for fairly good reason. I've been a fucking mess waiting. Deep breaths... Place another call... more voice mail, tell them I need the actual numbers for my TSH and Thyroglobulin.

I wasn't being totally rational, i admit... but at the same time this is what i was waiting for: thyroglobulin that would tell me whether or not the radiation worked... in all of 4 years it had never been as low as it needed to be... so, in that respect sort of important to know. The TSH tells me if meds are too high or too low... and well, I've felt a little bit on the ... not quite right side for a while.

So the call came today... thyroglobulin, very good... first time in 4 years, near undetectable. And then the TSH... turns out it must of been too low... as they took my med level down... another first.


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