Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Ok, I can't believe I'm doing this but I am pulling all of my social networking cred to ask everyone out there to spend 1 minute of their time to vote for me for a competition called Host Our Cost.

Vote for me here--> Host Our Coast

The competition is this: spend the summer backpacking the Delmarva Peninsula Blogging about it. You get $15,000 and free room and board, and you have to go out and do all sorts of activities and explore towns and check out the wild life, etc.

I was in fact made for exactly this type of job.

I assume if you are reading this, you're probably a regular, so you most likely know I'm not half bad when it comes to writing. I would also hope that you've perused my blog and found links to my travel blogs over on the left hand side: Hamburgers and Vodka, and Chasing Tigers.

I really do love to travel and blog. If I thought that I could realistically afford my life while doing it, I think I would... (also if I thought my parents wouldn't kill me w/ the whole law school thing).

For the competition, we had to submit minute long videos about why we want to be hosts... plus a sample blog.

From you all, I ask that you click the link and vote for my video... and also, if you happen to have blogs of your own, if you would be willing to post the link there as well.

I'm not a communications or journalism major. I've taught myself how to do html script and video editing, so I'm a bit behind there... and you all are really my major internet social networking group.

It's something I know I can do, and do awesomely. So I really hope you all take a few minutes of your time and vote for me... --->here


PS... if you at least watch the video, you'll get your very first glimpses of me and how incredibly corny and awkward I am in real life... that in and of itself should be motivation to at least go watch the video

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