Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Health Update

YAY No lupus!

Boo Erythema multiforme.

Its basically a hypersensitivity reaction that has 25+ causes.

There is an overwhelming irony that I, of all people, have a hypersensitivity disease. I'm pretty sure I have a handful of ex boyfriends that would dispute such a diagnosis... And it blatantly flies in the face of my Myers-Briggs INTP personality.

Of course when I went to see the dermatologist yesterday, I had no welts... today... my arm has a softball sized group of them. I can't imagine trying to date while I look like I have the plague... its irritating. I don't even want to be out in public.

The main cause is herpes. I don't have herpes. I dislike doctors who turn Spanish inquisition on me about having herpes, and I'm pretty sure mom is convinced I must have it as well, which means that's what she's told the rest of the family. She ignores the other 24+ causes, and that herpes only causes about 50% of cases. Though fever blister herpes might also be a cause. Along w/ basically everything else on the planet. From bug bites, to a lingering virus or parasite that I may have picked up traveling. My favorite cause is this:

"Physical/mechanical factors (tattooing, radiotherapy, cold, sunlight, contactants)"

I think I nearly died of psychotic laughter when I read that.

But basically the doc said there's nothing they can do for me. Gave me a Rxn for a topical antihistamine. Told me they use steroids to calm it down, but it loses its effectiveness. People tend to break out 5-7 times. It could be in a year, could be over a lifetime. The best thing to do is figure out what my trigger is. They can run blood work w/ the next outbreak, but it will be expensive. I just need to keep a journal of things. I'm pretty sure I've developed a particular glare for doctors when I find them annoyingly unhelpful.

Sigh. I would really like to enjoy some bit of this summer, but I'm having trouble even trying to make big plans, like a trip, as I'm afraid it will go terribly wrong.

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